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What's New Landscapes of the Mind

Landscapes of the West

On a Small Scale
Rainbow Fields of Grain
"Rainbow Waves of Grain watercolor

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"And on the third Day"
Paintings Inspired from
Memory and Imagination
"Storm over the Butte"
Montana, California,
New Mexico landscapes
"Cliff Light"
Paintings 14" x 18"
and Smaller
Butte Botanical Travel
"Underpass and Alleyway"
"The Richest Hill on Earth"
 is located in Butte, Montana
"Solo Yellow"
Floral and Wild
Plant Forms

"Provence Vineyards"
France, Japan, Italy, Wales,
China and More

Bowen's Studio
3225 Keokuk St.

Butte, MT 59701

(c) 406-498-3401

(h) 406-494-3612


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All paintings are originals. For prices, framed or unframed, contact the artist:

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