A Word to Customers

    If you plan on purchasing an original piece of art from me, I want you to know that I appreciate that and will work efficiently and quickly to expedite the sale, whether you are local and want to pick it up at my studio, or your purchase needs to be shipped.

    All of my artwork varies in size, weight, and medium. Watercolor on paper can be shipped without a mat or a frame, in a sturdy mailing tube, thus saving on shipping costs. Watercolors are generally framed with glass and this adds to the weight and the possibility that the glass can break and damage the painting. Shipping a watercolor without its frame and glass can save on shipping costs, also. Some artwork: acrylics and oils, may be framed without glass and shipped with or without the frame, in most cases. If you have questions, please let me know and Imay suggest the best options.

   Due to these variables and choices you have as a buyer, I must say that I will comply with your wishes to the extent that it is feasible. However, I am not Amazon and won’t be getting your order out to you in one day, for the most part. I am a single owner with no employees in my business and work at painting as well as matting and framing, and setting up shows, entering juried shows and the record keeping one must do. So, please be patient and we will communicate by email or text to make the process smooth and expeditious. Thank you for understanding.

Sallie Bowen

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