Horse Chestnut Series #2


Image size: 3 7/8″ x 5 3/4″

Framed size: 11″ x 13″

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The horse chestnut stands in a field all by itself. Driving by, one would not know it would stand out as a tree unlike any others around it until it broke out in crimson leaves in the fall. So taken by it, I was given permission to visit it any time I wished by the land owner. Most every year, we try to time it perfectly, usually the day of the fall equinox. One must crawl under the barbed wire and then walk uphill through sage and grass. It is worth the little trek, as underneath the tree, it is like a canopy in the Garden of Eden. A spring beside it keeps it watered. I see the hanging husks and the ones already fallen to the ground. Inside the prickly husk, are the nuts or seeds. I will  always wonder who planted it there.

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